TP Doc Development Services | Transfer Pricing Documentation
With the enactment of the latest regulations related to Transfer Pricing Documentation
Pmk 213 / pmk.03 / 2016 which is valid since January Year 2017 in Indonesia, so many companies in Indonesia who have to make and compile Transfer Pricing Documentation.

Preparation of Transfer Pricing Documentation including TP Doc Drafting Strategy is intended to assist clients in dealing with Transfer Pricing. We provide input on the documents and strategies necessary to prevent losses from related party transactions and transfer pricing scenarios. It’s no secret to minimize taxes, companies often transfer pricing to maximize prots. For business people, taxes are still seen as a burden that reduces small profits.

On the basis of it’s fair if they engineer a transaction to minimize the tax burden by transfer pricing. Transfer pricing is a company policy in determining the transfer price of a transaction. Transfer pricing can be divided into two groups, namely intra-com-
pany and inter-company transfer pricing. Intra-company transfer pricing is a transfer pricing between divisions within a single company. While inter-company transfer pricing is transfer pricing between two companies with special relationship. Both companies can be in one country (domestic transfer pricing), can also be in a dierent
country (international transfer pricing).