Indonesia tax laws are complex and constantly changing. Tax Reform in 2000 extended and intensied further tax coverage in indonesia. In consists of tax administration,tax
collection,tax enforcement, and tax complience. Consequently, implentation of proper tax administration and tax accounting is an indispensable task of any companies. Improper actions will cost the company a lot of losses either in the form onf monet losses or sanctionts and/or penalties from the tax authorities. To optimize our service to our clients’ special needs, we structure our Tax services as follows:Tax System and
Procedure Design

  • Tax System and Prepcedure Design
    Tax System and procedure Design is a service of designing a system and procedure to comply with tax regulations related to all of company’s activities that give impact on the company;s tax obligation. The designed system and procedure are expected to give the company an operational guidance that complies with tax regulation.
  • Tax Management Planning
    Tax management planning is a set of planning in taxation area in order to improve eeiciency of tax management, get the best alternative for legal tax saving,ensure the refund obtaining, set up taxation budget,and so on. The goals are to minimize tax burden and maximize company’s growth. A company could minimize its tax burden if in understands the tax treatment properly, such as the inter company transaction, merger, loan, selection of depreciation method, treatment of exchange rate disparity, capital gain, benet in kind, and so on. Improper accounting treatment will give impact on company’s tax obligation, which eventually will reduce net prol and shareholders’ wealth. We ar ready to be your company’s partner is assisting you set up your tax management planning. We assist yor taxation planning from the early phase of getting ideas to set up new ventures to the last phase of mature and well-established companies.
  • Tax Due Diligence Review
    Tax Due Diligence Review is a service of reviewing the Company’s tax compliance, identifying potential tax exposures andaction plan to be taken in order to minimize the company’s tax exposures. Our review service will cover all of company’s activites that give impact on the company’s tax obligation. This is intended to evaluate the feasiblity of thenancial information presented on Tax Returns and the likely issues and the exposures that the company may have.
  • Tax Audit AssistanceTax Audit Assistance is a service of assisting and representing our clients in case of a tax audit performed by indonesian tax authorities. We assist the preparation of documents needed in the tax audit/verification process, handle correspondences with tax auditors and Tax Once, represent the company before tax audit process, such as explain the business nature and accounting process in the company and prepare answers and counter argument against tax auditor findings.
  • Tax Consulting
    This is an ongoing consultation and advisory service on taxation matters, which are faced by the company for certain period. The consultation can be conducted through mail, facsimile,email, teleconference, or face-to-face meeting with our consultant team.
  • Tax Compliance Service
    It is a service of preparing and ling out Annual Tax Return {SPT Tahunan) or Periodic Tax Return (SPT Masa) in accordance to Indonesian Taxation Low.
  • Tax Cases Assistance
    It is assistance on spesial tax cases such as assistance on objection against the ocial tax assessment letter or on appealing against the tax objection decision and on making proposal for obtaining tax clearance or tax refund from the tax once, and so on.
  • Tax Administrarion
    It is a service of assisting the company is handing ist tax administration issues such as the registration and revocation of tax ID Number (NPWP) , Proposal for centralization of VAT administration, Proposal for bookkeeping in foreign
    language and currency and so on.
  • E-Tax Consult
    It is a service of online Tax Consultation via Internet.