1. Review and Compilation Services
The company may assign an accountant to assist in the creation of financial statements for internal users as well as for creditors or lenders under loan agreements. Depending on the loan amount, the lender may require a compilation or review of financial statements, not audits.

Review of financial statements provides limited confidence in financial statements, while compilations do not provide expressed confidence. Because of the belief that compilations and reviews are given far below the audit, less evidence is needed and can be provided at a lower cost.

Review and compilation services provide lower assur ance of audit, then the accountant must form a shared understanding with the client about the services to be provided

2. Internal Audit Services
Internal Audit Services is a service that serves to assist management to gain confidence that all management policies are adhered to so that the entire employee can work efficiently, effectively and economically. In performing this task we are always working to help management to find the best alternative in every company operation. This task is what we call “Research Examination”.

3. Reporting Services of Financial Report
a. Transaction Journal or Daily Transaction Recording
b. Balance Sheet Creation (Balance Sheet)
c. Income Statement (Income Statement)
d. Preparation of Cash Flow (Cash Flow)
e. Financial Statement
f. Financial Analysis (Financial Analysis)
g. Management Preparation